Ayelet Tours

Established in 1986, Ayelet Tours offers personalized individual tours, group tours, congregational tours, Bar/Bat Mitzvah tours, Christian Pilgrimage tours, specially coordinated missions for different organizations and world heritage tours to varied destinations including Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, China, India, South America, and other destinations. We create and operate the Traveling University program of World Jewish Heritage Tours, led by Professor Stephen Berk and Professor Natan Meir.

Ayelet Tours is recognized as a leader in the industry and has remained faithful to its charter throughout a period of rapid growth by providing individual attention to each client, unique itineraries and creative programming.

At Ayelet Tours, we provide the same level of personalized attention to small groups of travelers that we provide to congregational tours of 10 – 80 people, or to a large mission of five or ten buses. Our success and growth stem from both referrals and return of satisfied clients who have traveled with us in the past.

Ayelet Tours is committed to investing our time and resources in order to provide a high level of quality service that will satisfy our clients. We believe that clients with confidence in our quality services today, are the cornerstone of our growth for tomorrow.