Mabat Platinum Ltd., Touring Services

As a full service travel agent in Israel, Mabat Platinum is a leading expert in the planning, organizing and managing of various types of travel made by individuals, families, groups, congregations, Christian groups, business people and overseas supporters of Israel’s philanthropic and cultural institutions.

We spare no effort to achieve perfection and quality, no matter what type of tour you desire. Every client receives tailor made solutions and personal attention, regardless of how large or small the group or party is.

All of our programs are “hand picked” to meet all of the personal needs of our clients. In addition to providing the finest of service as well as creative itineraries, we offer specialized programs such as meetings with artists, musicians, workshops with Jewish educators and/or with naturalists, briefings with journalists, military experts, and specialists in many other fields.

In addition to our services in Israel we also provide services in Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Cuba, Eastern Europe & South America.