Sofer on Site

We are Sofer on Site – Scribes, Educators and Master Storytellers! A father, son & son-in-law team, together with our dedicated staff, we have found that being a Sofer entails great responsibility. The spiritual work of writing and caring for Torah scrolls is everlasting and therefore, we have to answer to a Higher Authority! As our name suggests, we are always local and on site, wherever a Torah is found. We pride ourselves on travelling and visiting congregations and their Torahs.

Our on-site services range from scribing new scrolls to providing professional STa”M expertise on location, all while sharing the wondrous insights of this tradition with the people we meet. We have been writing new Sifrei Torah and serving communities in all five continents for over 25 years. We work with over 50 scribing Sofrim in Israel, who are writing news Torahs on our behalf. We specialize in evaluating, appraising, repairing, maintaining and supplying a full range of STa”M, while demonstrating the art of the sofer and inspiring audiences about the magic of the Hebrew letters.We strive to enhance an awareness of the importance of correct professional repairs of a Torah. We also promote ongoing community involvement in the care and maintenance. We will show you how correct care will save you money at every stage.