The Black-Jew Dialogues

What’s so funny about two American minorities that have slavery, the KKK, and chicken livers in common? That’s what you’ll find out in this extraordinary two-actor play on the history and absurdity of prejudice and racism within the context of the American Black-Jew experience. The Black-Jew Dialogues combines fast-paced sketches, improvisations, a game show, multi-media and post show discussion to create a show that has gained praise across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. The show premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland in August of 2006. In September 2007 it was the only American play invited to perform at the Leeds Jewish Performing Arts Festival in England. The Black-Jew Dialogues has over 500 performances to its credit now. It is presented at synagogues, JCC’s, universities, high schools and theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Within the context of two students working on a class project about cross-cultural dialogue, the performers take the audience on a hysterical and poignant ride. The characters themselves, a traditional student and adult student, represent a sample of the types of diversity present today. The sketches include a bar mitzvah boy explaining to his black friend the cash kick-start his manhood receives, to octogenarian grandmothers singing and dancing about the joys of soul food and Jewish comfort food, the O.N.E Program, a program designed to make white people less fearful of blacks, and JUDAR, the ability that Jews have to spot other Jews. The resulting discussion challenges both baby boomers and millennials to critically examine the world around them in order to understand the true nature of diversity and how it has evolved in the 21st Century.

The show runs about 70 minutes and then we like at least 30 minutes for discussion with the audience.