Ellen Lewis

Rabbi Ellen Lewis, a practicing psychotherapist and rabbi with over thirty years of congregational and clinical experience, works with rabbis and cantors to develop the emotional resiliency and flexibility required for contemporary congregational and organizational work. She has long held the belief that seminary training ought to be complemented by an ongoing focus on strategies for pastoral care – care not just for congregants and the community but for the clergy as well. She works with colleagues individually and in small groups, in the overlapping roles of professional supervisor, therapist, and coach. Her goal is to help rabbis and cantors meet the manifold challenges and complexities of congregational and collegial conflict, work-life balance, gender, and personal and professional transformations, with an overall aim of an increased capacity for self-care and reflection. She has been a guest speaker at Wexner, JTS and HUC in the Leadership Institute, HUC Mentors’ Workshop, Shusterman Rabbinic Fellows, and Resnick Internship programs.


• Dealing with difficult personalities
• Self-awareness and self-reflection
• Work/life balance
• Professional supervision/coaching
• Personal Therapy