Sue Levi Elwell

Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, PhD, served the URJ for 18 years as a congregational consultant, working with clergy and lay leaders to establish and nurture relationships of mutual respect and support, strengthening synagogues and sacred communities. Trained as a Spiritual Director, Rabbi Elwell partners and coaches rabbis at every point in their careers, from considering entering Jewish communal life, through placement, to preparing for, celebrating, and crafting a fulfilling retirement. She is blessed to work with colleagues serving in a wide range of settings, including community rabbis, chaplains, and rabbis in synagogues of all sizes across the US and Canada.  She is enriched and challenged by continuing study at the Shalom Hartman Institute and the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. Elwell’s work is informed by her lifelong commitment to expanding the Jewish tent, welcoming those traditionally marginalized and invisible but essential to the creation and maintenance of healthy, vibrant, holy and whole communities.


  • Partner with you in self-assessment and career review;
  • Join you in addressing the challenges of rabbinic transition, whether intentional or unintentional;
  • Accompany you through your placement journey, from crafting your personal statement through your first year in a new position;
  • Work with you to identify and address how gender and/or LGBT issues are impacting your rabbinate;
  • Journey with you to reclaim your sense of service as klei kodesh