Human Rights: The Moral Movement is a Modern Day Fusion Movement

Reverend Dr. William Barber II, one of the leading voices for Civil Rights in America, will present the afternoon keynote speech, “The Moral Movement Is A Modern Day Fusion Movement”, addressing the ongoing crisis of racial, educational and economic inequality in America and the challenge faced by rabbis and Jewish communities to become better partners in creating and facilitating a more just society for all.

While in active ministry, Rev. Dr. Barber is the architect of the Forward Together Moral Movement and serves the NAACP as the President of the North Carolina State Conference, a National Board Member, and the National Chair of the Legislative Political Action Committee.  He is one of the leading voices behind North Carolina’s “Moral Mondays” movement, and has helped to lead the fight for voter rights, fair and just redistricting, health care reform, labor and worker rights, protection of immigration rights, and racial and educational equality.  Rev. Dr. Barber has been arrested for civil disobedience four times since 2009 while taking a stand for educational, economic, and equal justice.

Keter Torah: 1 hour

Live Stream
Location: Commonwealth Ballroom
Date: Monday, March 16 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Rev. Dr. William Barber II