The New Machzor: The Nefesh in the Mishkan

As rabbis in the many areas of the Jewish community in which we work, we consider how we might nurture the inner life — each person’s sacred core — while we also recognize the profound significance of the communal experience. We want to devote this time at the convention to explore the facets and dimensions of the soul and to reflect not only upon the choice of naming our machzor Mishkan HaNefesh but also upon the journey of transformation that takes place within its pages. Through experiential and intellectual exploration, major thinkers of our movement will present his or her perspective on these important topics.

Keter Torah: 1.5 hours

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Location: Commonwealth Ballroom
Date: Wednesday, March 18 Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am Oren J. Hayon Yehoyada Amir, Ph.D. Elaine Zecher Evan Kent, PhD Ellen Jay Lewis, NCPsya