Walter Jacob

Walter Jacob is President of the Abraham Geiger College in Berlin/Potsdam, of which he was a co-founder (1989); Senior Scholar of Rodef Shalom Congregation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; President of  the Freehof  Institute of Progressive Halakhah. President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis (1991-93). Author, co-author, or editor of numerous essays and forty-three books in the fields of halakhah, Judaism and Christianity, and ancient horticulture. His book Christianity through Jewish Eyes (1974, 2007) brought him into a close friendship with Cardinal John Wright and Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl; President of the Religious Education Association of America (1981-85), chairman of the Responsa Committee of the CCAR (1974-1990), Cofounder with Irene Jacob of Horizon Homes for Handicapped Children (1969); Vice-President of the *World Union for Progressive Judaism (1991-93). His books include:  American Reform Responsa (1983), Liberal Judaism and Halakhah (1988), The Second Book of the Bible: Exodus Interpreted by Benno Jacob (1992), Die Exegese hat das erste Wort (2002), The Environment in Jewish Law (2003), Gardening from the Bible to North America (2003), Pursuing Peace Across the Alleghenies (2005), Hesed and Tzedakah – From the Bible to Modernity (2006), War and Terrorism in Jewish Law (2010), Benno Jacob, Fighter and Scholar (2011), The Internet Revolution and Jewish Law (2014).


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